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سورس کد پورت اسکنر ( پایتون) - Amin_Mansouri - 09-12-2014

سورس کد یک پورت اسکنر به زبان Python
#!/usr/bin/env python
import socket
import subprocess
import sys
from datetime import datetime

# Clear the screen'clear', shell=True)

# Ask for input
remoteServer    = raw_input("Enter a remote host to scan: ")
remoteServerIP  = socket.gethostbyname(remoteServer)

# Print a nice banner with information on which host we are about to scan
print "-" * 60
print "Please wait, scanning remote host", remoteServerIP
print "-" * 60

# Check what time the scan started
t1 =

# Using the range function to specify ports (here it will scans all ports between 1 and 1024)

# We also put in some error handling for catching errors

   for port in range(1,1025):  
       sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
       result = sock.connect_ex((remoteServerIP, port))
       if result == 0:
           print "Port {}: \t Open".format(port)

except KeyboardInterrupt:
   print "You pressed Ctrl+C"

except socket.gaierror:
   print 'Hostname could not be resolved. Exiting'

except socket.error:
   print "Couldn't connect to server"

# Checking the time again
t2 =

# Calculates the difference of time, to see how long it took to run the script
total =  t2 - t1

# Printing the information to screen
print 'Scanning Completed in: ', total

پس از کامپیال و خروجی سورس کد :

Quote:$ python

Enter a remote host to scan:
Please wait, scanning remote host xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

Port 21: Open
Port 22: Open
Port 23: Open
Port 80: Open
Port 110: Open
Port 111: Open
Port 143: Open
Port 443: Open
Port 465: Open
Port 587: Open
Port 993: Open
Port 995: Open

Scanning Completed in: 0:06:34.705170

RE: سورس کد پورت اسکنر ( پایتون) - Anarchy - 09-28-2014

امین جان با اجازه بنده سورس که امروز نوشتم را قرار بدم.

'code by Anarchy'
import socket
import os

for port in range(1,1024):
       if result==0:
           print('Port {} is Open'.format(port))
       if result==10035:
           print('Port {} is Close'.format(port))
    except KeyboardInterrupt:
     print ("Program Has Been Stopped")