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قوی ترین نرم افزار مدیریت ای اس پی ISP Billing System «UTM5

در این تایپک قصد دارم بهترین نرم افزار اکانتینگ isp رو قرار بدم شاهد این بودیم که بیشتر نرم افزار های ISP Billing Software یا همان ای اس پی اکانتینگ هزینه های بسیار زیادی برای نرم افزارشون میگیرن

فروم پارسی کدرز بسیاری از نرم افزار های معروف اکانتینگ رو + کرک برای کاربران گذاشته شده است نرم افزار UTM5 یکی از قوی ترین نرم افزارهای اکانتیگ ISP به حساب میاد و خلاصه راحتتون میکنه از نرم افزار های بسیار گران ایرانی که حتی از یک ویندوز ارجینال +یک نوت بوک دارن بیشتر پول میگیرن

نرم افزار زیر با C++ نوشته شده است و دارای ساپورت 100,000 users رو دارا میباشد قیمت نرم افزار 800 دلار میباشد.

این نرم افزار دارای قابلیت های بسیار زیادی هست که توضیحات رو مینویسم فروم پارسی کدرز در اینده پکیجی از نرم افزار های معروف اکانتینگ isp به شما دوستان خواهد داد.

در ضمن این نرم افزار نسخه لینوکس هم دارا هست و روی centos هم نصب میشه
ISP Billing System «UTM5»


<img src="http://www.utm-billing.com/i/box5.jpg" alt="UTM5, an ISP billing system" align="right" />

UTM5 is an ISP billing system for Internet service providers of any size, from small ones to large

telecoms. The billing system was designed to provide metered Internet access and charge clients

in real time. The software can directly interface with networking equipment to collect usage

data and to control Internet access. UTM5 supports charging per traffic volume as well as per

connection time.

Developed in C++ with the use of optimized algorithms, the billing system core is a high performance

multithreaded application perfectly working on multiprocessor and multi-core platforms. UTM5 is compatible

with most popular networking equipment and can interface directly with routers, firewalls, network access

servers, VoIP gateways, etc. It supports up to 100,000 users at a bandwidth of up to 3 Gb/s in real time!

With UTM5 no client can go far into the red, UTM5 is constantly watching and, if required, immediately

blocking Internet access for prepaid clients.

The billing system was developed in compliance with desires of a large number of ISP companies

during formation of the present-day telecoms market. Now we can offer a broad range of ISP billing

solutions based on UTM5, such as billing for Internet access via ADSL, FTTH, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, hotspots,

etc. UTM5 also supports telephony (VoIP and classic telephony).

عکس های از برنامه

Administration Interface

UTM5 Administration Interface is the application that provides

access to the billing system functionality via a user-friendly

graphic interface. The application runs on any operating system from

any remote location. Security is assured due to the

use of SSL protected connection. Administration Interface allows

easily adding users, configuring services and tariffs,

setting up accounting periods, time ranges, traffic classes, viewing

service usage reports, and doing a lot more. The

application includes everything necessary to make the operators'

work easy and efficient.


UTM5 & Administration Interface Features

User Listadding, editing, deleting usersadding paymentssimple search, advanced searchjoining users into groupsmanual & automated invoicingsystem users with customizable rights & privileges (superusers, operators, cashiers, dealers, etc.)Tarifficationcreating / editing services, time ranges, payment methods, accounting periods, traffic classes, telephone directions & zonesmultiple service type support: one-time service, periodic

service, IP traffic service, hotspot service, dial-up service, telephony

servicesupport of multiple currencies, currency exchange rate historyadding / editing services, tariff plansautomated tariff plan changeDocuments & Invoicingcustomizable document templates, html with css basedsupport of unlimited number of document types (invoices, receipts, contracts, etc.)automated invoicing and invoice sending via email

Reportsgeneral reportreport on user blockingstraffic report, detailed traffic reporttelephony reportreport on PPPoE, VPN & dial-up sessionsreport on payments, report on burnt paymentsreport on servicesuser change logissued invoicesSettingsbuildings, banksfirewalls, firewall rules, IP zones, IP pools, NAS listdocument templatesOther featuresprepaid (scratch) cards support, automated creation of prepaid card pools, data exportsupport of multiple interface languages, customizable dictionariesOperating SystemsAdministration Interface runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and any other opera

نرم افزار رو در چندین جا برای شما دوستان عزیز اپلود کردیم.

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گروه دور همی پارسی کدرز
درود .کسی تونسته اینو راه اندازی کنه؟
درود دوستان کسی در مورد راهنمای راه اندازی این اکانتینگ اطلاعاتی داره؟!!!



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